Kikimono makes unique, versatile kimonos for all. You decide how to wear them – at home, for work, for a garden party or a lazy afternoon on the beach.

  • We love minimalistic forms and bold colours. We believe that the beauty of each individual needs a proper framing and we'd love our customer to be able to pick a kimono matching his/her character.
  • Every fabric is handpicked by us. We travel across Europe to find finest textiles to produce our kimonos: the cotton textiles come from a Polish cotton factory with over 100 years of tradition (Oeko-tex Standard 100), our stone washed linen is produced in Belgium, the African wax prints are made in the oldest and most renowned wax print manufacture and all silk comes from the area of Lake Como in Italy, an area with over 600 years of silk manufacturing tradition.


  • We advocate slow fashion and strongly believe that the world does not need more things but better solutions. That is why we pay a lot of attention to the quality of stitching and use only the highest quality, natural fabrics, which are gentle to the skin and meant to last long.


  • At Kikimono we minimize our impact on the environment. Our kimonos are designed in the most ergonomic way as to minimize waste. Every small piece of fabric is being reused, providing for individualistic look of some selected kimonos. Also the wrapping and packing materials are purposefully chosen to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • And last but not least, our production process happens in a small manufacture in the south of Poland and is designed in a way to minimize transport and draw upon the long experience in manufacturing wearing apparel in the region.