Why kimono?


This is a valid question, which we get to hear often. The four main reasons why we love kimonos are: the minimalistic design (flatters all body shapes), the comfort, the versatile character and a touch of exotic.

As with many other stories, also ours starts with an unfulfilled desire. A desire to look & feel attractive and comfortable at home. The beauty of the kimono is that women feel feminine and men feel manly wearing a kimono. At Kikimono we decided to take the kimono design a step further, mixing unconventional prints and patterns, giving the Japan-inspired style a modern touch.

First, we thought about designing kimonos as homewear. But once the first models were there, it struck us that our kimonos can be worn everywhere. We leave the choice to you, our dear customer - indoors or outdoors, to the beach or with sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt as a stylish jacket. You decide how and where you want to wear your Kikimono.

And you know what? Kimonos are easy to fold and don't take up much space in the luggage, making them a perfect travel companion. Bali, Bangkok or Berlin – our kimonos will make you look gorgeous anywhere you go.

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