How is stonewashed linen different?


If you are already a fan of linen, that's great. If you however need a bit of convincing that linen is cool, let me tell you more about the stone washed linen.

We all know that linen yarn is a fairly harsh raw material and products from it can be initially rough and prickly.
Stone washed linen is much softer and silky thanks to the pre-wash process.
Currently, there are two methods of producing stone washed linen, both of organic origin.
One way to produce stone washed linen is to use actual stones, such as pumice or volcanic rock, in the manufacturing process. Hence–stone washing.
Another method is the use of enzymes of organic origin. This method is currently gaining popularity rapidly. Enzyme treatment works due to the softening of the yarn structure and leaching of hard protein compounds.

Stone washed linen has a characteristic slightly faded fabric color with a vintage feel. The stone washing also increases the softness and flexibility of the rigid fabric via softening the pure linen fabric and loosening the weave. This results in stone washed linen being highly water absorbent and therefore great garment for producing fashionable bathrobes or beach blankets. The qualities of the stone washed linen make it great fabric for heavenly soft bed lining and clothing.

Main qualities of stone washed linen:

  • is softer than traditional linen
  • has the signature wrinkled look
  • doesn't shrink
  • has silky appearance

Linen is a natural, simple fabric, caring for it is simple too. Linen actually becomes softer and more absorbent after each wash. Bright (red, dark blue, black), stonewashed linen may color until first wash.

We recommend gentle wash with matching colors, in lukewarm water -  max temperature of 30 degrees C. For drying it is best to hang or spread linen textiles out somewhere flat.

Stonewashed linen does not require ironing. However, if you prefer it wrinkle-free, feel free to iron, but do so while the fabric is still damp. Use a medium-hot iron on the steam setting.

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