How is a Kikimono made?


In times when automation of every possible process is the key to success, we at Kikimono believe that there is also a room for craftsmanship and handcraft.

Our kimonos are designed by us and handmade at a small sewing manufacture in the south west of Poland. We love visiting and working onsite. It is a magical place, where  everything is focused on providing high quality products to the customers, with people who invest hours of work to produce each single kimono and are excited about our crazy ideas.

Everything starts with Ewa, who is responsible for the technical descriptions and the primary cut-out. With her we discuss how to translate our idea into a product.

 Once the primary cut-out is ready and every single detail of the design has been captured in the technical description sheet, the sample is handed out to the cutting team, where Aneta is overseeing the process of cutting out the fabrics. Thanks to Aneta´s experience, although or because it is a manual process, we have nearly zero waste and each single piece of fabric is used to produce uniquely looking kimonos.

From there the cut out fabrics move to the sewing team, led by Janina – an angel of patience, ensuring not only that our quality standards are met but also coming up with best practical solutions and advising on most elegant stitches or finishing techniques.. Her team is responsible for turning a piece of fabric into a ready Kikimono.
Once the kimono is ready, every single product is ironed and prepared  for quality control under the careful eyes of Teresa, the head of production. The quality control is done in two steps. The first step is conducted  by Teresa and the second step is done by one of us, Agnieszka or Monika. Since we care a lot about every single piece produced, we strongly believe that this is time well invested. After all, we want to keep up to the promise we give to our customers.
The journey ends or actually literally starts, after the quality control has been successfully completed.  Now, the kimonos can be packed and made ready to be delivered to our customers around the world.

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