About the kimonos in our live


If I ever write a book, this could be the cover picture

It depicts well the intellectual image, which I somehow internalized long time ago. A picture of a woman wearing kimono – not the traditional Japanese style but the modern, western style.
A woman wearing a kimono at the cottage house and writing books or painting or at home when reading or cooking.
My favorite examples from the recent Netflix series would be Frankie (played by Lily Tomlin) in „Grace & Frankie“ (Gosh! she has a different kimono in nearly each scene :) or Judy (played by Linda Cardellini) in „Dead to me“ (I love her kimonos!)
Wait, wait - my absolute favorite is Dr. Jean Milburn (played by Gillian Anderson) in "Sex Education" (the yellow kimono rules).
A friend of mine said, that kimono is a state of mind. A spot on remark. I just love the idea of feeling beautiful and enjoying consciously all the little moments , daring to add color to our lives :)
And this is how the story with my business begins.

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